What Is A Vector File And Why Do I Need One?

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Can the Apollo production team print your file? Maybe.

To produce your signage, we must get your artwork in the correct format to print it clearly and make sure it looks incredible!

Just because you can see an image clearly on your screen does not mean the apollo production team can print it any bigger than you see it without it becoming blurry and pixelated. We ask for your artwork and logo files to be in a vector format; this is to enlarge it, and it remains crisp and clear. Bitmap graphics are made up of small dots (pixels) and can only be printed as large as initially created, any bigger and pixelate. Vector graphics can be made as big as you like, and they are always clear as they are built up of mathematical calculations (vectors), so each time you change the size, it can recalculate. The most common file formats you will find Vector graphics in are PDF & EPS. The most common file formats you will find in Bitmap graphics are JPEG, JPG, TIFF & GIF.

Example 1: Vector Graphics (showing how a small graphic can be enlarged and remain clear).



Example 2: Bitmap Graphics (showing how a small graphic is enlarged and becomes pixelated).


Want to order something with your new vector graphic?

Check out the list of products and upload your vector graphic file, and your new printed products are guaranteed to be eye-catching and look flawless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My logo is a jpg (bitmap format). Is it possible to save it as a pdf, and it will be in vector format?

A: Unfortunately, it is not this simple; your logo needs to be re-drawn from scratch into a vector format using software such as Adobe Illustrator. Our designers can re-draw your logo and provide it to you to keep for all future advertising needs. If this is something, you will go to our Contact Page and let us know what you need.

Q: How do I check if my logo is in vector format or not?

A: The best way to check is to open the file on your computer and zoom in; if you zoom in to the size, the graphic will be when it's printed, and it is clear, it will print clearly.

Q: Can I use a logo from my website or that I find on google?

A: Images displayed on websites are in bitmap format, so no, this is not possible in most cases.

Q: What type of file will I have that is in vector format?

A: Most PDF or EPS files are in vector format; we are happy to check them for you if you send them to us (sales@apolloconstruction.ca).


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