How Do I Choose the Right Colour?

Posted by Joshua Krogel on

Do you have a cool colour in mind but aren’t exactly sure how to describe it to us? We’ve got a solution to help you decide!

Ideally, when choosing a specific colour, we would be asking you for a Pantone Solid Coated Colour, also known as a PMS Colour.

Pantone colours are a library of swatches used by printers worldwide. Printing with Pantone Colours provides a high level of colour matching accuracy with consistent results. Our printers are calibrated to the Pantone Solid Coated Swatch, so for this reason, we highly recommend them!

We have a list of standard colours below for you to choose from. When placing your order, advise us in the notes section, corresponding to your desired colour. We’ll match it as closely as possible using our four digital colour processes calibrated to the ISO 12647 standard! Please note that all screen displays are different and may differ slightly from your screen to the printed material.

Once you have your perfect colours picked out, go to our product page and upload your design and wait for the ideal printed product to show up at your door.

Or to download the entire chart in PDF here for future reference.



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